Jan Delay - "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels"
Echo Beach proudly presents: the dub versions of the legendary "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels" album by Jan Delay as a CD and limited edition LP (1000 units in 180g vinyl). Included as a special bonus is the legendary video for "Ich will Nicht, dass Ihr meine Lieder singt".

Jan Delay, a.k.a. Eißfeldt, Eizi Eis, Neil Jan, Boba Fett, Alfred Hitzkopf, Spliff Richard, Curtis Eißfeldt or Mario Bassler – an admonisher, a righteous man, a preacher, a teacher, a styler, an Eimsbush kid, the man who has been with the Beginners from the very beginning, who skanked with Nena, who gifted to the German language "Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels", a record we simply know will be part of the curriculum of the Mumia-Abu-Jamal School in Berlin-Neukölln in twenty years' time, a man who showed that you can do reggae in the German language without sounding like a prat, the man who mined and polished verbal jewels like "derbe" and "flashen" and made them an integral part of our language, who created a religion (Flashgott) – the legendary and yet utterly human and tangible Jan Delay who battled the whiny A-level rhymers at home in front of his mirror, the artist who venerates Lindenberg, respects Trittin, who has a name in dub and who, in true Captain Kirk style, brought peace to Planet Reggae and has now beamed himself over to the galaxy of funk and slick suits: Eimsbüttel's most gifted, significant nasal rapper: Jan Delay

shuts his mouth for once.

He's parked the Delaymobile behind the house, grabbed his mobile Delayunit and entered, through a back door, the hallowed place that sailors on the world's oceans reverently and in hushed voices refer to as Hamburg's Black Ark: the studio that also goes by the flashy name of Turtle Bay Country Club. This is where his friend, co-producer and manager Matthias Arfmann - head of Turtle Bay Country Club, the man who co-invented the Kastrierte Philosophen, who produced Patrice, Onejiru, the Beginners and countless other artists and who even once had the great Karajan come knocking to have his greatest recordings given a dubbing over - has fired up the machines and waits patiently. In the soft glow of the red light this seasoned team roll up their sleeves and get down to whatever it is that serious stylers do when they have a record full of fat riddims, hooks, background choirs, brass sections (The Johnny Blazers) and Eißfeldt lyrics ... they brew up a nice cuppa, unplug the phone and get down to some serious dubbing.

The rest is easy: after winding up their work, the finished masters, packed with scorching hot tunes, are wrapped up and passed on to Nicolai Beverungen in a covert hush-hush meeting, ready for release on Echo Beach right on time to coincide with Mercedes Dance storming the charts. It appears alongside releases from Keith LeBlanc, Noiseshaper, The Ruts, Dubblestandard, Ari Up, the fabulous King Size Dub series, Carl "Kung Fu" Douglas and many, many other milestones in outernational dubbery.

Title: "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels"
Artist: Jan Delay
Format: CD
Catalogue: Echo Beach CD058
Release date: 23.01.07)
(16 tracks - 77 minutes playtime )


01. Ragga Styler Dub 02. Vergiftet Dub 03. Söhne Stammheims Dub 04. Lieder Dub 05. Flashgott Dub 06. Konsolien Dub 07. Roter Knopf Dub 08. Party Zuende Dub 09. VIDEO - Ich möchte nicht, das Ihr meine Lieder singt.