Dubblestandart - Dub Music
Ali – Drums
Paul – Bass
Robbie – Keybords. FX
Herb – Guitar



DUBBLESTANDART is an Austrian band that has become a defining force in the global dub and reggae scene. Emerging from Vienna, this collective has skillfully blended traditional dub rhythms with electronic influences, creating a signature sound that’s both modern and rooted in the genre’s rich history.

Formed in the mid-1990s by Paul Zasky and Robbie Ost, DUBBLESTANDART quickly gained attention for their innovative approach to dub music. They’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, infusing it with elements of electronica, downtempo, and even touches of jazz and world music.

One of their notable characteristics is their collaboration with an array of talented vocalists and musicians from different parts of the world. This collaborative spirit has allowed them to create diverse, multicultural tracks that resonate with audiences globally. From working with legendary figures like Lee “Scratch” Perry to contemporary artists (Arip Up, Mad Professor, David Lynch and many others) their discography reflects a commitment to exploring new sounds and styles.

Their live performances are renowned for their infectious energy, drawing audiences into a hypnotic groove that’s simultaneously danceable and thought-provoking. DUBBLESTANDART’s ability to craft immersive sonic experiences has solidified their place as pioneers within the international dub and reggae community.

Over the years, they’ve released several albums, EPs, and remixes, each contributing to their evolution as artists while maintaining a distinctive sonic identity. Tracks like “Return From Planet Egalica” and “Chrome Optimism” showcase their sonic diversity and penchant for blending genres seamlessly.

All in all, DUBBLESTANDART’s legacy extends beyond their Viennese roots, as they continue to be ambassadors of dub music, carrying its essence while fearlessly exploring new sonic territories. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures that their music remains relevant and influential in the ever-evolving landscape of global soundscapes.