Felix Wolter – Man of Board

The Dubvisionist


Man of board : Felix Wolter, also known as  The Dubvisionist

Felix is probably the most “futuresized” roots dub person on the scene since 1981 in Germany !  A producer who loves the genre  Reggae & Roots  and Culture – but with a heavy love to the crossover with definite to neo dub, reggeatone, drum and bass etc. !

He was always technology savvy and interested in studio works and started as the  originally drummer of the german new wave band “Der Moderne Man” !

His early recording works started with a 4 track tape machine and a Roland band echo in the very early 80ies – a vortex of modern wave dub ! He installed projects and bands like The Vision, Trance Vision Steppers, Chin Chillaz and Pre Fade Listening. He became a glorious dub remixer all over the years for Waldeck, Jan Delay & Udo Lindenberg, Horcae Andy, Tackhead, Ton Steine Scherben, Dub Stax, Re-201, Dub Syndicate, Dubmatix, Dubinator, Mexican Dubwiser and many others.