1. Emmanuel feat. Little David & Big Youth

2. Greater David feat. Big Youth

3. Sizzle Bud

4. Higher Than High

5. Not A Word

6. Dubbing Is A Must

7. Wake Up feat. Big Youth

8. Health Food

9. Each Breath I Take

10. Hey Geoff

11. Higher Than High (Version 2)

12. Emmanuel (Version 2)

13. Hey Geoff (Extended Loop Mix)

14. Dubbing Is A Must (Extended Loop Mix)

15.l Health Food (Extended Remix)

16. Dub Syndicate meets Dubvisionist – Dub Meltdown

Tracklisting Vinyl


Side One

A1. Emmanuel feat. Little David & Big Youth

A2. Greater David feat. Big Youth

A3. Sizzle Bud

A4. Higher Than High


Side Two

B1. Not A Word

B2. Dubbing Is A Must

B3. Wake Up feat. Big Youth

B4. Health Food


Side Three

C1. Each Breath I Take

C2. Hey Geoff

C3. Higher Than High (Version 2)

C4. Emmanuel (Version 2)


Side Four

D1. Dubbing Is A Must (Extended Loop Mix)

D2. Hey Geoff (Extended Loop Mix)

D3. Health Food (Extended Remix)



DATE : November 11, 2023
FORMAT :  Double Vinyl (plus CD) / CD / Digital

Dub Syndicate – Fear Of A Green Planet (25th Anniversary Expanded Release Edition)


25th anniversary release of the album from 1998 as expanded special limited edition. It is the eighth Dub Syndicate studio album mixed by Adrian Sherwood.

Originally released as catalogue number Lion & Roots 002 in 1998 on Style Scott’s own label here’s the expanded and remastered collector’s limited edition as 2LP-set including six additional tracks not available on the original vinyl release and also as 18-track CD release, with the booklet including excerpts from an unpublished interview. Main vocal contributor is the legendary artist Big Youth plus Little David courtesy J.R. Productions (Junior Reid’s camp), backing vocals by Skip McDonald and Style Scott’s inimitable laughter. The basic tracks were recorded in Jamaica, with some of the pals from the Roots Radics days (i.e. Flabba Holt, Steely Johnson) at Studio 2000 (Steely & Clevie’s studio) and the legendary Tuff Gong Recording Studio, followed by overdubbing in the USA at Greenpoint Studios (Bill Laswell’s studio) and Playroom Studios in New York, with additional overdub and final mix at On-U Sound (London) by Adrian Sherwood.

The longplayer “Fear Of A Green Planet” stands in one line with all the album classics released for On-U Sound since 1982, a must-have for any Dub Syndicate fan and owner of any serious Reggae vinyl collection. It is also the other crucial half of Style Scott’s two album “ScientistVsSherwood-Soundclash” project that started his Lion & Roots label in 1998. The other half entitled “Mellow & Colly” is scheduled for re-release next year.

Key Points:

– Long overdue re-issue of the album classic in a state-of-the art revised arwork.
– All tracks were recorded in Jamaica at Studio 2000 and the legendary Tuff Gong Studio.
– Overdubbed at Bill Laswell’s Greenpoint Studio and finalised by Adrian Sherwood at On-U Sound.
– The album is the second part of the “Scientist Vs Sherwood-Soundclash” project
– Limited edition release with booklet inserted including an unpublished interview with Style Scott by Helmut Philipps ( author of the DUB Konferenz Book)
– Expanded edition in a 2LP-vinyl+CD set including six additional tracks not on the original LP
– Also available as individual 18-track CD release in a digipak

-Includes two unreleased tracks