1. Ask Me   ft.  Lone Ranger
  2. Rub A Dub   ft. Sr Wilson
  3. High Life   ft. Exile Di Brave and Kazam Davis
  4. Champion  ft. Joe Publik
  5. Crazy Days  ft. The Hempolics
  6. Love  ft. Lasai
  7. Dread  ft. Ras Kayleb
  8. Salute  ft. JMan
  9. Reign Over Me  ft. Duane Stephenson
  10. Black & Blue  ft. Rootwords
  11. Blue Monday  ft. Barry Ashworth


12 Fiesta Dub

  1. Permanence Dubber Dub
  2. The Magnificent Seven Dub


Side A

  1. Ask Me   feat.  Lone Ranger
  2. Rub A Dub   feat.  Sr Wilson
  3. High Life   feat.  Exile Di Brave and Kazam Davis
  4. Champion   feat. Joe Publik
  5. Crazy Days   feat. The Hempolics

Side B

  1. Love    feat.  Lasai
  2. Dread   feat. Ras Kayleb
  3. Salute   feat.  JMan
  4. Reign Over Me   feat.  Duane Stephenson
  5. Black & Blue   feat.  Rootwords




DATE : January 20, 2023
FORMAT : Vinyl / CD / Digital



“The ReWired title concept is about not only rewiring my studio for each album – using different gear, re-organizing and always having to rewire everything as you end up with cables that connect to nothing hanging everywhere. It’s also about rewiring the music – changing things, adding new elements and creating new sounds.” Dubmatix

Dubmatix has taken his time working on his new album. Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix “Overdubbed” was released in 2018. It scooped the Juno Award for “Reggae Recording Of The Year 2019”, marking the second time the Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto had received this coveted award.


“ReWired” is his first studio album for 10 years and it’s already abundantly clear that the wait has been more than worth it. Dubmatix has used the time to hone and polish the tracks on the album, while at the same time exploring new paths. The first three tunes, “Ask Me” feat. Lone Ranger, “Rub A Dub” with the Spanish singer and MC Sr. Wilson and “High Life” feat. Kazam Davis & Exile Di Brave, are par for the course for the Canadian. After that, it’s like Dubmatix opened up the style floodgates: “Champion” with brilliant vocals by Joe Publik is a hip-hop-reggae hybrid with a slight touch of grime; “Crazy Days”, featuring a fine guest appearance by the Hempolics, incorporates loose, bouncy funk, while “Reign Over Me”, with smooth vocals by Duane Stephenson, veers off onto the pop path. In addition to the new tracks, two 7” singles that have already been released are also included: the mystical stepper “High Life” which features Kazam Davis & Exile Di Brave (Irie Ites Music) and a fabulous, melancholy cover version of New Order’s “Blue Monday” (Cyclone Records), which sees Dubmatix teaming up with Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols. So good! Other guest vocalists on the album include Lasai, Jman and Rootwords and there are a host of guest musicians, such as Booom Hornz from France with Romain Pivard and Cedric Munsch aka Tribuman.

“ReWired” offers a dazzling, masterful kaleidoscope of modern sounds of dub-oriented bass music that is enormous fun. The Canadian could be in with a great chance of winning another Juno Award…