1. We Rock It 6:08
  2. Evil E 4:59
  3. Dunk 6:09
  4. Good Enough Part 1 6:06
  5. We Love Reggae 4:07
  6. The Only Redeemer 6:06
  7. Rough Out There 4:13
  8. All A Dem A Do 5:14
  9. Walls Of Silence 4:49
  10. Got It Bad 4:04
  11. Satellite City 5:16
  12. You Take Control On Me 6:44
  13. Prelaunch Sequence 6:03
  14. The Only Redeemer (Groove Corporation Remix) 2:46
  15. The Only Redeemer (Adrian Sherwood Remix) 3:53


DATE : May 31, 2019
FORMAT : (Digital)
PLAYTIME : 15 tracks / 77:17 minutes playtime



May 31, 2019


A very very special KING SIZE DUB release…

The sound company operating under the project name “Noiseshaper“ is poised to release the KING SIZE DUB – special – album into record shops worldwide.

The band received great acclaim for their first albums, which were released on the legendary and infamous Rockers Hifi label Different Drummer. They later became celebrated for their musical contribution to the US television series CSI: Miami. The Viennese coffeetable boys Axel Hirn und Florian Fleischmann achieved cult status with their 12-inch single “The Only Redeemer“, which was later released in the US by Quango (Island Records /Palm Pictures) and fast became a permanent fixture on the playlists of the best and most popular DJs in Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. The next dancefloor filler followed with “All A Dem A Do“, sung by Juggla, which was the band’s first release to get heavy rotation on many European and US radio stations. Next up were remixes by and for heavyweights such as Sly & Robbie, Outkast, Seven Dub and Carl Douglas.

Noiseshaper’s defining sound has been distilled and condensed an utterly distinctive blend of “housey downbeats with a fat reggae flavour” has brought the Noiseshapers international acclaim and popularity.


The KING SIZE DUB Special is the essential of what NOISESHAPER has ever done and is another impressive display of how a musical style has progressed. Dub as a style with all its reference points between commerce and innovation ! 15 pounding dub flavour tunes all are best for bringing the dancefloors of the dub universe to boiling point. Heavy bass for heavy dancing!

‘The KING SIZE DUB special ’ is the ultimative relase’ for the ultimative price in the king size dub serie…!





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