1. Musical Minds ft. Yarah Bravo (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Remix)
  2. El Pacto ft. Serko Fuentes (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Remix)
  3. Gone ft. Self Provoked (La Gorda Dubs Remix)
  4. Let Me Know ft. Natty Speaks (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Remix)
  5. Cumbia Of The Great ft. Candice Cannabis & Blanquito Man (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Remix)
  6. Lecture Me ft. Tito Fuentes (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Remix)
  7. La Gran Ciudad ft. Tino El Pingüino (La Gorda Dubs Remix)
  8. Trouble In My Soul ft. Artwork Jamal (Dubvisionist Remix)
  9. Trouble In My Soul ft. Artwork Jamal (Dubvisionist Dub Remix)
  10. Revolution Radio ft. Rocky Dawuni (Dubvisionist Remix)
  11. Revolution Radio ft. Rocky Dawuni (Dubvisionist Dub Remix)
  12. Let Me Know ft. Natty Speaks (Dubvisionist Remix)
  13. Let Me Know ft. Natty Speaks (Dubvisionist Dub Remix)


DATE : April 23, 2021
FORMAT : (Digital only)



April 23, 2021


Marcelo Tijerina and Ulises Lozano are Mexican Dubwiser. Ulises and Marcelo have produced their 3 albums, “REVOLUTION RADIO, “ELECTRIC CITY” & “BORDER FREQUENCY”. Released between Billy Gould of Faith No More label Kool Arrow Records and Kin Kon Records (KINKY’s Record Label).

Internationally known Mexican Dubwiser hails from Monterrey, Mexico and are currently a Los Angeles residents.

Mexican Dubwiser has been busy holding it down in Los Angeles since 2000. After the release of their first album, which had a unique style and sound, based on electronic rhythms that fuses with cumbia, reggae, funk, hip hop, soul, dub and by moments even soul and blues. Their FULL BAND show has take them to play large festivals like Glastonbury Fest in England, been one of the few Mexican Acts ever to be in this festival. They had also play in festivals like Vive Latino in Mexico City, Havana Music Fest in Cuba, Festival Centro in Colombia, Guadalajara’s RMX, San Jose del Cabo “Fiesta de la Musica”, Puebla 72801 Fest and Monterrey’s Pal Norte Music Fest.

Electronica cumbia style isn’t what one would expect; then again, Mexican Dubwiser can always be counted on to do the unexpected. Mexican Dubwiser represents a big step into the future, while showing total respect to their cultural present & past.

Familiar and recognized with contemporary Latin music some heavyweight names and collaborators on IN Dub will take place.

Serko Fuentes, Candice Cannabis, Blanquito Man, Tito Fuentes, Tino El Pingüino, Natty Speaks, Artwork Jamal and also it has some of Los Angeles finest MCs of the underground scene like Rocky Dawuni, reggae artist from Ghana, Africa.

Their music has now been taken by some of the best modern DUB Remixers: iLLBiLLY HiTEC, La Gorda Dubs (a side project by the drummer of iLLBiLLY HiTEC) and the legendary DUBVISIONIST (he made remixes for Jan Delay, DELLE, a.o) to create a pure and bass booming IN DUB album. Well done !