1.New Blade Runners Of Dub  (Theme 1984 – Remix by Beta Fish)

2. Solitary Confinement  feat. Burle Avant

3. Chrome Optimism feat. David Lynch (Version 2049 – Remix by Beta F

4. Touch Me

5. Fly Me To The Moon   feat. Paul Zasky (Remix by Beta Fish)

6. Europe Again (Remix by Beta Fish)

7. Asimov Solution

8.Looking For Things 

9. In My Space  feat. Cedric Myton

10. Cry Cry 2049

11. New Blade Runners Of Dub  ( Theme 1984 – Virus Dub  Remix by Ale X)

12. Europe Again (Original Version)

13. Love & Hate feat. Santa Davis & AmaB

 All tracks mainly written by  by Paul Zawilensky, Jed Smith.  Copyright Control


A Side

  1. Fly Me To The Moon   feat. Paul Zasky (Remix by Beta Fish)
  2. In My Space  feat. Cedric Myton
  3. New Blade Runners Of Dub  ( Theme 1984 – Virus Dub  Remix by Ale X)
  4. Solitary Confinement  feat. Burle Avant

B Side

  1. Love & Hate feat. Santa Davis & AmaB
  2. Touch Me
  3. Asimov Solution
  4. Europe Again (Original Version)


DATE : May 13, 2022
FORMAT : Vinyl / CD / Digital



The debut album of Zasky & Smith, producers of New Blade Runners Of Dub.

Built on the legacy of Zasky’ s internationally known Dub Reggae Band Dubblestandart, New Blade Runners Of Dub blend Jed Smith´s LA native, composer/producer’s new school visions of sound & Zasky’s European shaped Dub Reggae background in a unique way. Call it Europe & America in a unity reconfiguring rhythm driven music for new generations.

Jed Smith composer and producer has worked for and with notable cinematic and musical talents as diverse as Macy Gray, Paul Oakenfold, Ladytron, Amp Fiddler, Electronic Arts, High Voltage, JunkieXL, Wim Wenders ao. His work has been in Hollywood films such as The Bank Job, The Mist, Pledge This! and Tomb Raider, Deadpool & Terminator. Television series such as Daredevil, Grey’s Anatomy, Windfall and Reno 911!, featured in independent films, screened at Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals. He is an award-winning multi talent, who also designed custom-made instruments and performance sound installations featured at Soundwalk, the 2nd City Council art gallery, Redcat or the performing arts space for the Disney Concert Hall, LA.

Paul Zasky & his band Dubblestandart have been touring Europe since the early 90’s, promoting their High Energy Dub style. Their critically acclaimed Return From Planet Dub album with Grammy winning Lee Scratch Perry, Film director David Lynch & Ari Up from the Slits marked a peak in their career, collaborating with stars of the Dub & Reggae scene such as Marica Griffiths, Carol Wheeler(Soul2Soul),Ken Boothe, Mikey Dread, Dillinger, Mad Professor, Dennis Bovell, Adrian Sherwood, Rob Smith, Dreadzone, Sounds From The Ground and countless others. Dubblestandart played Summerstage concert NYC Central Park 2009, Moscow-Russia 2017, Goa-India 2013 and toured Canada 2003 & 2008. Zasky played bass for Lee Perry on all his North American Live dates 2009 – 2017 as part of Subatomic Sound System, including 2 Coachella appearances 201

The New Blade Runners Of Dub are a Los Angeles based music group, combining cutting edge rhythm productions and up 2 the time sonic visions. It is a collaboration of international known musicians from the US, Europe, England & Jamaica. Altered concepts for new generations who identify through a new understanding of art, communication and therefor ultimately for the politics, that will shape their world.

This is music for the 21st century. Decoding what lays ahead.