>> In Memorium to Freddy Mercury (died 24th of November 1991) <<

RE-201 – a new project from Echo Beach’s closest circle of producers, is a tribute to the legendary Roland Space Echo – and, much like this iconic device, it is a time machine that invites listeners to take a trip back to the mythical Eighties.

Initiated by label CEO Nicolai Beverungen and recorded under the auspices of Swiss mastermind DELAYPILOT, this release is the debut of an all-star project. The single “Another One Bites The Dust” is a classic track by British prog-rock band Queen with a bassline that was unquestionably influenced by Chic’s “Good Times”. In 1981, Grandmaster Flash recycled both basslines in his legendary showcase “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel”.

Everything comes full-circle 40 years later: bassist Doug Wimbish, world-renowned for playing with Living Colour, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Mos Def and many others, was once a member of the rhythm section of Sugarhill Records, the label famous for emulating the legendary Chic bassline on the first rap single in history, “Rappers Delight” by Sugarhill Gang.

The brilliant vocals are by Berlin singer Dellé, one of the founding  members of Germany’s unique fusion reggae band SEEED, whose mix of roots, dancehall, hip hop and dub is unmatched. On his first solo album, “Before I Grow Old”, Dellé had already dipped a toe in the water of the Eighties with a cover version of the classic belter “The Power of Love” (Frankie Goes To Hollywood). On this new release he reveals himself as an admirer of Queen singer Freddie Mercury and treats us to a sublime interpretation that remains true to the original version. The exquisite background vocals are by “Akina McKenzie” !

The new version, mixed by New Yorker Lee Groves (whose work includes Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas) and rounded off by the Mad Remix by Dubinator, is a profound salute to Freddie and John, to Chic bassist Bernard Edwards, to the old masters of dub (Lee Perry, King Tubby, Prince Jammy) and their favourite piece of kit, the Roland RE-201.

It is also a taste of what’s to come: several high-carat producer teams are lined up to pay tribute to the Roland Space Echo time machine by dubifying many more milestones in the pop music world.

  1. Another One Bites The Dust (“O” Remix – KLEER Short)
  2. Another One Bites The Dust (“O” Remix – KLEER Long)
  3. Another One Bites The Dust (“O” Remix – KLEER Dub)
  4. Another One Bites The Dust (“O” Remix – KLEER Vocal)

Written by  David Bowie, Frederick Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon. Published by EMI Music Publ. , Queen Music, Copyright Control.

RE-201 feat. Doug Wimbish & Dellé – Another One Bites The Dust – REMIXED


January 28, 2022