1. The Educators
    2. Y Ahora Tu
    3. Silks, Perfumes & Gold
    4. Carousel Chrome
    5. Scratchy Aperture
    6. Jazz Sepulchre
    7. Sane Men Surround
    8. Ilusión
    9. Everyday
    10. Cumbion Mountain
    11. Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem
    12. Orthodox Gold
    13. Former Kingdoms Speak
    14. Descarga con Café
    15. Streets of Huancayo

Digital Bonus:

  1. Remote Corners
  2. Poncho Café
  3. Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill (A Ninja Tune Special Remix by OestroGwen)
  4. An Unmarked Grave
  5. Mi Altar Voy a Armar
  6. Satie’s Atelier
  7. Silver Fish, An Ocean’s Tale
  8. 1, 2, 3 Alto y Fuera



May 29, 2020


Cosmic Kraut (experimental music from Switzerland)

Over 25+ years the name “Up, Bustle & Out” has been synonymous with freedom in terms of their eclectic music productions, sound experimentations as well as a very specific social and ecological mindset. They are Bristol-based and the original representatives of the first generation of Ninja Tune artists alongside Coldcut, DJ Food, Cinematic Orchestra, 9 Lazy 9, DJ Vadim and The Herbaliser. Up, Bustle & Out released 5 popular albums and 11+ EP 12″ singles on Coldcut’s pioneering and internationally-respected label. Ninja Tune quickly became a cult urban movement amongst the cosmopolitan youth – one that included fashion, radio shows, VJs, books, videos, turntable delights, club nights and festivals – especially throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. UB&O became a unique act on the label’s compilation albums by including more songs than any other artists.

The sound of the band – which comprises Rupert Mould, David Fell, Flamenco guitarist Cuffy El Guapo, Latin percussionist/singer Eugenia Knight, and DJ Dave Cridge – is shaped by the period in which turntablism, global thinking and sample collages became the roots of the new underground, forming a modern freestyle cut & paste Hip Hop and Jazz. The band presented their unique take on this direction with albums “The Breeze was Mellow (As the Guns Cooled in the Cellar)” (1994); “One Colour Just Reflects Another (1996); “Light Em’ Up, Blow Em’ Out” (1997) – all of which topped musical mag reviews such as NME, Time Out New York and Wire. Breakbeats sourced from rare funk records, cuts and scratches from the turntable, such were the driving forces that underpinned club music. UB&O were inspired by the heavy bass productions of the Bristol Sound and collaborated early on with names such as Smith & Mighty. It was the solid and earthy double bass of Portishead’s Jim Barr and the Latin soul & funk rhythms that dominated the band’s work like a leitmotif.

Experimentation, global equality and peace were always UB&O’s cornerstones and it became apparent that this early style was too narrow. In response, they broadened their horizons geographically. At the end of the millennium, UB&O travelled to Havana, Cuba to experiment with the music at its vibrant source. The 2 volumes titled “Cuban Master Sessions 1 & 2” (1999/2001) were the result of a collaboration with the energetic orchestra, “Orquesta Richard Egües.” This journey set the direction for the band’s next album projects. Thereafter, “Urban Evacuation” (2003) paid tributes to the British-Jamaican Sound System culture of their hometown, fusing deep bass, echoes, subtle dubs, spring reverbs as well as Jamaican deejays and rappers on the mic. Then came the wonderful “Mexican Sessions” (2006) that promoted their “Simple, Sensational Sound,” rooted in Cumbia and in the lives of ordinary people. The next albums “Istanbul’s Secrets” (2007) and “Soliloquy” (2009) highlighted a storytelling aspect to UB&O’s sound and mysterious philosophy. Working with the much-loved Turkish singer/film actress legend Șevval Sam, and a host of Black Sea musicians, an album like “Soliloquy” entered the world consciousness as the first true “environmental” album – which bravely tackled topics like marine plastic pollution, solar radiation, urbanisation stresses and natural resources. The band’s leading figure and creator, Rupert Mould had by now established himself as a leader on such issues by publishing books, journalism, academic articles as well as earning a doctorate in the Environmental Humanities (Bristol University, 2013).

In a world that moved towards surveillance capitalism, theirs has been a contrasting journey of utter freedom – just like a fantastical film or book emerging from amazing geographies, imaginations and with gifted characters. They were led along ancient routes where cultures have always collided and yet fused mutually through openness, languages, music, offerings, storytelling, peace, dreams… Spanning quarter of a century, this story is now being told in a series of time-lapse releases, namely 3 volumes of exciting, different, sensual, eclectic and political music. The first Volume, titled “24-Track Almanac” exposes the first entries of their musical diary – recordings, studio sessions, daily fragments and cool radio jingles all combine to add meaning and layers of colour. Here we have creative musicianship, jazz funk samples, urban productions in Havana’s recording studios, snapshots of the digital age and much unreleased music as well as remixes. For sure, Up, Bustle & Out tell a fascinating story, they were always steps ahead of their time, which is why when Sound System or club DJs play an UB&O track, the energy unleashed never fails to intoxicate the crowd.

The Hamburg label ECHO BEACH, through its sub-label “Collision Cause of Chapter 3”, which has already released four albums and a compilation of the band’s work since 2007, is celebrating the sound anew with an extravagant series of compilation releases…!!!

“Listening to the music of Up Bustle & Out, I feel each song is a testimonial, conveyed on timeless instruments full of grace, and modern electronic wizardry as well. They have me mesmerized, intoxicated, enveloped in a process that takes the idea of collaboration and synthesis one step further to transform art through the alchemy of sound waves.” Pablo Yglesias, aka DJ Bongohead.

“Ever since setting out as one of the first and most prominent jazz-dance combos on the young „Ninja Tune“ label, „Up, Bustle & Out“ have come a long way since pioneering Ninja Tune’s global reach. Their search for sounds, traditions, stories, allies and cultural exchange has lead them to places like South America, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, urban mega-cities like New York and Tokyo and the Orient. Their studio base in Bristol, England is the place where they bring it all together, forging one colorful, authentic and truly revolutionary album after another, and, in this collage process, relentlessy experimenting with sounds and styles to generating creative, new dubs, fusions and versions.” WIRE Magazine, UK.