1. Burroughs Called The Law
  2. Dead Souls
  3. The President (The Western Lands)
  4. Uranian Willy (Part 2)
  5. Virus B-23 (Cities Of The Red Night)
  6. 103rd Street Boys
  7. I Was Fooling Around With These Tapes In Hotels
  8. Prisoner of The Earth (Uranian Willy Mix)
  9. Excerpts (The Cat Inside)
  10. Prisoner of The Earth
  11. Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah (Nothing Here Now But The Recordings)
  12. Uranian Willy
  13. The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes (Nothing Here Now But The Recordings)
  14. I Was Fooling Around With These Tapes In Hotels(Part2)
  15. Summer Will (Nothing Here Now But The Recordings)


DATE : March 14, 2014



March 14, 2014


Ever since the Swiss musicians ushered in the return of the Spaghetti Western to the world of dub with their debut album “Nitro”, they have impressed the press and audiences alike with their passion for playing, their sure instinct for sounds, their equally humorous and respectful dubification of popular hits (including Metallica’s Enter Sandman) and their immense technical skill. Riddim heard “a new sound-sphere where typical fat, stoic dub beats contrast with hand-played instruments and experimental sounds”. Jazzthetik praised the “fantastically tight band, formidable interior dynamic and supremely competent mixdowns”. Jazzthing wrote that “their psychedelic dub sound, which is occasionally interspersed by western guitar riffs and true rock solos, sounds wonderfully acoustic and analogue.” And The Wire had to admit that “it sounds cheesy and it shouldn´t work, but it does.”

Since their debut album the band have released five more studio albums, including the Clash tribute album “The Clashification of Dub”, plus a live album and a remix compilation with selective dubs by Victor Rice from Sao Paulo/Brazil.

Their new album celebrates William S. Burroughs and pays tribute his centenary, marking a new pop-cultural highlight in their work. With the official support and assistance of the William S. Burroughs Foundation in the United States, the band has succeeded in creating a heavy ambience masterpiece in 15 chapters.

They roll through dub landscapes full of heavy reggae grooves and extraterrestrial electro sounds, carried by pumping bass lines whose hypnotic power clears the pathway to the centre and gently caresses the stomach. Floating above the dragging, instrumental reggae cut-ups that gently drift into psychedelic territory, the artfully diluted grooves, breaks and virtuoso hints, and the majestic slowness of the riddims, rises the voice of WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS, beat poet, wanderer between worlds, junky supreme and counter-culture icon. His distinctive voice meets craggy soundscapes, harsh guitar chords and an acerbic Hammond organ which play off against each other in the mixing desk. Drenched in echo, the sounds in this dub treatment contravene the rules of space and time. They leave behind a wonderful feeling of confusion where listeners can relax and respectfully accompany the soul of their travelling companion William S. Burroughs on the path to eternity – a highly addictive sound experience.




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